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The new edition of the WeeFestival will be held in Toronto in the spring of 2020 , to the delight of toddlers. Launched in 2014, WeeFestival introduces children to plays from around the world. Shows from Belgium & Burkina Faso, Italy, Germany, France, British Columbia, Quebec or Ontario will feed the imagination of the youngest.

In 2020, the WeeFestival will feature productions by acclaimed companies specializing in theatre for the very young. Whether for babies and toddlers, preschoolers, or kindergarteners, each show has been created to meet the emotional and social developmental needs and interests of young children. The shows are presented in intimate venues to ensure every child is close to the action and fully immersed in the experience. In addition to engaging theatre productions, the festival will offer a range of multi-disciplinary programming designed to engage little ones and their parents.

Le Théâtre français de Toronto is a proud partner of WeeFestival’s Francophone programming, that will delight  francophones and francophiles of Ontario!

sous la feuille little big leaf

 Little Big Leaf

From Ariane Voineau & Josué Beaucage (Montreal)

Sheltered under cozy tents, children discover an intriguing forest where little things take a big step. Very tender, subtle, this story told by movement and music awakens the senses and tackles an essential question for very young audiences: am I tall or short?

May 12 and 13 at The Theatre Centre (Dovercourt & Queen)
Ages 18 months and more – Genre: Theatre/dance
Performances in French or in English

mokatek-et-letoile-disparue-web-09-1024x576 (1)

 Mokatek and the Missing Star

Ondinnok Productions (Montreal) / Vox Théâtre (Ottawa)

Integrating the languages of the Anishinaabemowin, Maleseet and Abenaki, this performance is a beautiful blend of puppetry, traditional Indigenous music and storytelling.  A tale of one young boy’s courage and determination to find the missing North star and the many animal friends who help him along the way.

From May 14 to 17 at the Theatre Centre (Dovercourt & Queen)
Ages 2 years and more – Genre: Theatre/Puppetry
Performances in French and English



From the Théâtre des Petites Âmes (Montreal)

A little creature searching for a place finds belonging in the world of MAPA where everyone is welcome. Performed in French or English, this performance uses puppetry, music and storytelling to enchant young children.

From May 14 to 17 at the Studio 21 of the Théâtre français de Toronto
Ages 2.5 to 6 – Genre: Theatre/Puppetry
Performances in French or in English

One-Man Band ©David Siebert-min

The Cosy One-Man Band

From La Mue/tte (France)

A fascinating display of puppetry moves seamlessly into a thrilling concert featuring a multitude of instruments all played by Argentinian musician and puppeteer Santiago Moreno whose virtuosity and dexterity will fascinate young audiences. Post-show workshop with the artist is also available for classes.

From May 12 to 17 at the Small World Music Centre
Ages 3 years and more – Genre: Music/Puppetry
Wordless Performance



From Théâtre de la Guimbarde (Belgium) and the Théâtre Soleil (Burkina Faso)

A woman seeks a haven of peace to rebuild her nest and set up her shop. In her bags, she has the instruments that remind her of the sounds and songs of her country. So many treasures that make its richness. Along the way, she meets a traveling musician who joins her on a shared musical path that crosses borders of culture and language. Taama – “Journey” in the Dioula language of Burkina Faso – brings together a Burkinabe singer and a Breton violinist in a colourful world that mixes traditional rhymes and classical melodies.

May 13, 14 and 17 at the Incubator of The Theatre Centre (Dovercourt & Queen)
Ages 1 year and more – Genre: Music/Theatre


String (Ficelles)

From Mouton Carré (France)

An artful and wordless game of hide and seek between a puppeteer and a musician.    A captivating story about growing up. A poetic and moving theatre experience performed on a table-top stage.

May 21 to 24 at the Alliance française of Toronto
Ages 3 years and more – Genre: Puppetry
Wordless Performance

Photos credits ; Little Big Leaf (Sous la feuille) production , by Ariane Voineau and Josué Beaucage.