Karine Ricard tells us why she fell in love with L'Amour telle une cathédrale ensevelie


A Théâtre français de Toronto Presentation

Karine Ricard tells us what persuaded her to programme L'Amour telle une cathédrale ensevelie

L'Amour telle une cathédrale ensevelie explores the lives of Haitian families and their quest for a better future beyond their borders. At the heart of the story is a young 'Intrepid Son', who undertakes a perilous transatlantic journey to join his mother, who now lives in Quebec. This intimate and poignant tale is interwoven with themes of love, loss and hope.

Guy Régis Jr orchestrates this show with remarkable mastery. He blends opera, theatre and music to create an immersive and unique theatrical experience. The show deals sensitively with the themes of clandestine migration, the desire for a better life, and the break-up of families. The staging is also distinguished by its aestheticism, with a splendid set featuring video projections, while classical Haitian music and songs in Creole (with French and English surtitles), performed live by professional Opera singers, enrich the theatrical experience.

Creative team

Conceived and directed by Guy Régis Jr | Assistant director: Hélène Lacroix | Performed by: Déborah-Ménélia Attal, Frédéric Fachena, Jean-Luc Faraux, Dérilon Fils, Aurore Ugolin, Nathalie Vairac | Composer and guitarist: Amos Coulanges | Set and costume designer: Velica Panduru | Set design: Tukuma Works, Ioan Moldovan | Lighting Designer: Marine Le Vey | Video Designer: Dimitri Petrovic | Sound Designer: François Van Opstal | Stage Manager: Samuel Dineen
With archive footage shot by Fatoumata Bathily and Guy Régis Jr and extracts from the documentary film Fuocoammare, par-delà Lampedusa, by Gianfranco Rosi.

Duration: 46 secondes