Gloria Mampuya and Méli B. Rondeau in Les Filles du roi
A Théâtre français de Toronto New original Play

Les Filles du roi

November 2 to 12, 2023
Duration: 100 minutes

France, 1673. Louis XIV himself acknowledges it. New France is struggling to develop. The math is unforgiving: there are too many men; not enough women. A recruitment campaign to find young girls to marry is quickly put together.

Armande, Martine, Dorimène, Mariane, Angélique and Agnès (mythical characters from Molière’s comedies) are all designated ‘King’s Daughters’ and board a ship bound for these new horizons. Their mission: birth a new generation of citizens. But, in reality, different reasons motivate these young women and some are hiding dark secrets.

Written by Sébastien Bertrand (Les Liaisons dangereuses: correspondances inédites) Les Filles du roi stages an eventful voyage to New France through the point of views of six female characters.


Mathieu Bourrassa, Manon Bourgeois, Hannah Forest-Briand, Geneviève Langlois, Vincent Leblanc-Beaudoin, Gloria Mampuya, Caroline Raynaud and Mélie. B. Rondeau

Creative team

Written by: Sébastien Bertrand
Directed by: Karine Ricard
Set & Lighting Design by: Glenn Davidson
Sound and transition choreography: Geneviève Cholette
Sound Design: Ben Gibson
Costume design: Sophie Duguin

November 2023
Show Patrons
Ann Atkinson, Claudia Lebeuf, Naomi Azrieli et François Blanc

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Gloria Mampuya and Méli B. Rondeau in Les Filles du roi