At school

Reading of scripts, thematic discussions, character sketches… It is important to get the students involved in arranging a trip to the theatre. Théâtre français de Toronto (TfT) supports you in this preparation by offering a study guide for each show and hosting free workshops in your class in the weeks leading up to the trip. Our cultural outreach officer is at your disposal to help you in finding educational documents and organizing activities appropriate to the students’ level and your expectations.


Rule n°1

To make the experience of your visit to the theatre enjoyable for all spectators, there are some rules for everyone to respect. If Théâtre français de Toronto takes special care to ensure the safety of all and the smooth running of the performance, chaperones also have a role to play during the show.

1. Ensure that everyone respects the actors and other spectators and enforce order if necessary.

At the theatre, like at the movies or when you attend a baseball game, some of your students might experience moments of boredom. That could lead them to wanting to chat with their neighbour or more generally make noise. This distracts the actors onstage and disturbs other audience members. In this situation, the chaperone must ask their student not to make any noise and if the student continues, the chaperone will be asked to lead the restless child out of the room.


Artist Talk

After each school performance, TfT organizes a 15-20-minute talk with the artists. Students and teachers are invited to ask questions and make comments freely.

It is also possible to organize meetings about the show with part of the artistic team after the performance dates.