Maxime Beauregard-Martin discusses his creative process


Maxime Beauregard-Martin discusses his creative process

Wednesday 4 May 2022

When Alexandre Fecteau asked me to write this theatre documentary on women's celibacy, I felt a numbing dizziness. How could I possibly do justice to a situation that was simultaneously so intimate and foreign from my own? How would my pen sufficiently honour the testimonies I was about to collect?

During the process, I remembered a discussion I had had in the green room of a theatre with my good friend Maryse a few years back. We were about to go on stage to perform a friend's very first play. I verbalized, at nauseum, my desire to be 'good'. Maryse replied, with authority but plenty of love, that the performance was not about me.

Should I maybe accept that, indeed, I did have little to say about women’s celibacy but, in fact, a great deal to listen to? Perhaps I shouldn't be focused on the brilliance of my writing skills but, instead, simply check the status of my recorder’s batteries?

I must highlight the generosity and abandonment of each of the women who agreed to share their stories while also emphasizing the sharpness and intelligence of the team that participated in this production. Rare is such a rich creative process. Rare are such encounters quite so... singular!

Happy encounters!


Directed by one of Quebec’s fastest rising directors/auteurs, Alexandre Fectau, and written by up and coming author Maxime Beauregard-Martin, SINGULIÈRES is an unexpected, hilarious, and moving encounter with five “single ladies” from Quebec. This brilliantly imagined live-documentary, explodes with theatrical vitality, and follows five women in their 30’s and 40’s over two years, each of them living the single life with joy and purpose, all the while defying society’s expectations and redefining their own concepts of happiness, identity, and love.