Introducing our Smartglasses


Introducing our Smartglasses

Thursday 24 March 2022

Starting on March 30, with the opening of LE CLUB DES ÉPHÉMÈRES (The Shadflies Club) by Alain Doom, TfT will be pioneering a new technology to provide you with multilingual subtitles. Through the use of ‘smartglasses’, you’ll be able to access subtitles without ever missing the action on stage. The dialogue follows your gaze and appears as if it were 1 metre away from you. The roll-out of this technology will happen over the next 3 months since, as of right now, TfT only has 10 smartglasses at its disposal. This number should increase to 50 by June, however.

If you usually require English (or French) Surtitles in order to better appreciate our shows, you can participate in the trial-run of this new subtitling device. Simply add the smartglasses, free of charge, to your order when you purchase tickets to The Shadflies Club.

Let us reassure you. This season, TfT will continue to offer surtitles displayed above the scenery.

For now, the use of these smartglasses are reserved exclusively for our Anglophone or hearing-impaired patrons. If you meet one of these two criteria, you are eligible for a trial-run. The glasses are available on a first come first serve basis.