Lara Arabian awarded the 2022 Joël Beddows Playwrighting Grant


Lara Arabian awarded the 2022 Joël Beddows Playwrighting Grant

Friday 22 April 2022

TfT is proud to announce the very first recipient of the Joël Beddows Fund.

In June 2021, TfT announced the creation of the Joël Beddows Fund following a major donation from its former artistic director to support the development of Franco-Ontarian playwriting through a grant that would be awarded annually.

For this first edition, Karine Ricard chose the artist and playwright Lara Arabian to support the adaptation of her play Convictions for the stage. The artist will receive a grant of $2,175 for this project.

"Encouraging Franco-Ontarian playwrights is crucial for TfT's ecosystem and future. We are thrilled to have chosen Lara Arabian as the first recipient of this grant," says Karine.

The radio series Convictions was broadcast on Radio-Canada Ontario last season and followed the daily life of a Lebanese-Canadian family along with the evolution of their traditions, religion, challenges, memories and commitments.

"T_his grant is an important step in my journey as a writer and I am grateful to the Joël Beddows Fund and Théâtre français de Toronto for supporting my artistic endeavours. Joël has always known that theatre can be revealing and transformative, and I am enormously proud to carry that torch_," explains Lara Arabian.