Carolyn Fe awarded the 2024 Joël Beddows Playwrighting Grant


Carolyn Fe awarded the 2024 Joël Beddows Playwrighting Grant

Thursday 25 April 2024

Théâtre français de Toronto (TfT) is proud to announce that the recipient of the 2024 Joël Beddows Grant is Carolyn Fe.

As a result of a major gift from its former artistic director in 2021, TfT is able to award an annual grant to an author working in the theatre community to support the development of Franco-Ontarian playwriting.

This year, Karine Ricard chose the versatile artist Carolyn Fe.

Here is her biography:

Carolyn Fe, a multi-lingual Filipino-Canadian creative, wears many hats with grace and excellence. Renowned as an actress and Dora nominee, her talents extend far beyond the screen and stage. Carolyn is also a gifted singer-songwriter lyricist, a former contemporary dancer-choreographer, and a later-in-life emerging playwright with a keen focus on underrepresented voices.

From her early days as a dancer and choreographer, Carolyn continuously expands upon her creative repertoire. Evolving into a published writer, she crafts poignant narratives that shed light on issues of ageism, women of color, and marginalized communities.

Carolyn's literary works have garnered recognition both locally and internationally. Her short stories have found their place in prestigious magazines, while her intergenerational poem “Your Lola is Fierce” has been embraced by the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB), enriching the curriculum for grade 10 and 11 students. Notably, in 2024, her poem "I clearly remember" was published in the first Filipino-Canadian anthology "Magdaragat: An Anthology of Filipino-Canadian Writing". A testament to her enduring impact on literature.

In theatre, Carolyn flourishes as a later-blooming playwright. Throughout 2022, she had residencies at esteemed institutions like Montreal's Teesri Duniya Theatre and Toronto's Factory Theatre. However, it was her 2023 tenure as Artist-in-Residence at Toronto’s Tarragon Theatre that truly showcased her writing prowess where she crafted the initial drafts of six plays, delving into themes from the complexities of inter-generational relationships to the chilling depths of the supernatural. Carolyn's heritage and life’s journey underscores the richness of her storytelling and the enduring power of her artistic voice.

Beyond her contribution to the stage’s page, Carolyn is also a skilled translator, bridging linguistic and cultural divides with works like "Cross Sea" by Kyungseo Min, which she translated from English/Korean to French/Korean, illuminating the experiences of Comfort Women during the Japanese occupation of Korea.

As an actor, Carolyn brings characters to life in acclaimed series like the Emmy nominated "Blue's Clues & You!" as Lola, the award-winning French series as Madame Z in "Meilleur Avant" and many more. Yet, it is on the theatrical stage where Carolyn's performances truly resonate with audiences. From her grounded portrayal as Marina in Crow’s Theatre’s adaptation of Chekhov’s "Uncle Vanya" to her nuanced depiction as Precy in Audrey Dwyer’s "Calpurnia", she brings depth and authenticity to every character she portrays.

Notably her dry humor shines through in her portrayal of a murdering Grandmother in Tarragon Theatre’s production of “Three Women of Swatow” by Chloe Hung, earning her a Dora nomination for Best Performance in a Leading role.

When she's not on stage or screen, Carolyn finds solace and inspiration in her music. With four albums to her name, she shares her soulful melodies and thought-provoking lyrics, collaborating with musicians across borders and genres.

Carolyn Fe's artistry knows no bounds, transcending genres and mediums to touch hearts and minds her audiences. For a deeper dive into her creativity, visit: