Playing Soon: Quichotte


Playing Soon: Quichotte

Friday 22 March 2024

Toronto, Ontario - Théâtre français de Toronto and Alliance française de Toronto are pleased to co-present Ombres Folles' QUICHOTTE on Saturday, April 13 at 2 pm. A show for young audiences freely inspired by Miguel de Cervantes' novel "Don Quixote".

Led by the duo Benjamin Déziel and Maude Gareau, this show recounts the incredible adventures of Don Quixote and his friendly squire Sancho Panza. Imagination, humour, friendship and the quest for glory are the order of the day in a world made out of fantastical shadows! The show's creators, who also direct and perform, have created a production full of mischief, humour and amusing twists, skillfully blending shadow, puppet and object theatre.

With Quichotte, Ombres Folles draws a parallel between Don Quixote’s need to embellish and distort the truth to make sense of his life and our current world of social networking and the truths we might be tempted to alter on these platforms.

Three-dimensional shadow theatre

The innovative concept of "three-dimensional shadow theatre" explores new scenic possibilities by projecting shadows onto a moving screen with multiple light sources, offering a dynamic, immersive visual experience. In Quichotte, Cervantes' characters literally emerge from the book, moving from image to third dimension in an instant. A crumpled piece of paper stretches before our eyes to form the skeletal, aging figure of Quixote, and two balls form that of the silly but generous peasant who accompanies him.

About Ombres Folles

Founded in 2005, Ombres Folles promotes a world driven by imagination, creating shows that awaken the whimsical spirit of young and old alike. Committed to the development of contemporary puppetry, the company explores the playful aspect of shadow and object theatre, while questioning our fears, taboos and foibles.

QUICHOTTE Co-presented by Théâtre français de Toronto and Alliance française de Toronto
Produced by Ombres folles

Text, direction and set design: Benjamin Déziel and Maude Gareau | Performance: Maude Gareau and Alexandre Iannuzzi | Music and assistance: Olivier Monette-Milmore | Puppets : Colin St-Cyr Duhamel | Shadow structures (pop-up) : Isabel Uria | Lighting : Gabriel Duquette | Scenic collaborators : Michel Hansé, Anne-Marie Bérubé and Leilah Dufour Forget | Consultants : Hélène Ducharme and Maxime Després
Show: Presented for school audiences from April 10 to 13. Presented for families on April 14 at 2 p.m.
Duration: 60 minutes
Location : Théâtre Spadina
Prices : Regular : $22.50 | Under 18 : $11.50 | Pay what you want ($10, $15 or $20) on the day | Alliance française de Toronto member rate : $15.00
Box office: 416.534.6604 or