Playing Soon: Le Roi Poubelle


Playing Soon: Le Roi Poubelle

Thursday 11 April 2024

Théâtre français de Toronto, in co-production with Vox Théâtre, is proud to announce its next production, Le Roi Poubelle, an imaginative and eco-responsible piece of musical theatre by and starring Eudes Laroche-Francoeur and directed by Pier Rodier. The original production runs from April 24 to May 3, 2024 at the Berkeley Street Theatre.

In Le Roi Poubelle, audiences are transported to a captivating island crafted entirely from society's discarded waste. Here, Elise, a shipwrecked documentary filmmaker, encounters the enigmatic Roi Poubelle (The Trash King), the self-appointed monarch of this plastic kingdom. Through his poignant reflections and vibrant musical expressions, he delves into themes of solitude, sorrow, and hope. Together, they navigate the island's landscapes, uncovering the stark realities of over-consumption and its dire effects on our world.

This unique show is distinguished by its original music, composed and performed on instruments made from garbage, recycled materials and found objects. Through this creative approach, Le Roi Poubelle invites audiences to reflect playfully on their relationship with material consumption, highlighting the importance of the legacy we leave behind.

Under the artistic direction of Pier Rodier, the cast includes Eudes Laroche-Francoeur and Béatrice René-Décarie, who bring this captivating story to life. Le Roi Poubelle is a musical invitation to rethink our relationship with the material world and consider the impact of our actions on the environment.

LE ROI POUBELLE Produced by Théâtre français de Toronto and Vox Théâtre
Text and music: Eudes Laroche-Francoeur | Performance: Eudes Laroche-Francoeur and Béatrice René Décarie | Musical direction: Louise Poirier | Dramaturgical advice: Marie-Thé Morin | Set design: Manon Doran and Pier Rodier | Lighting: Emilio Sebastiao | Costume design: Mylène Ménard | Stage management: Emily Payeur | Production manager: Mathieu Taillardas
Show: Presented for school audiences from April 24 to May 3, 2024. Presented for families on April 27 at 2 p.m.
Running time: 70 minutes
Location : Théâtre Spadina
Prices : Regular : $22.50 | Under 18 : $11.50 | Pay what you want ($10, $15 or $20) on the day of the show. Box office: 416.534.6604 or