Mission Statement

Develop and Create High-Quality Theatrical Productions

TfT’s full theatrical season consists of a full state of productions presented at the Berkeley Street Theatre and the Studio 21.

The programming includes original works, co-productions, great classics and musicals.

Present Contemporary Canadian and International Works

Over the course of a season, TfT produces and presents works from the Canadian repertoire as well as plays from other countries.

In doing so, it facilitates artistic exchanges and brings to the fore the diversity of the French-speaking world.

Enable the Growth of the City's Artists

The company offers a playwright residency program that gives authors the tools and support they need to create original work.

The company supports local talent by providing work opportunities.

Offer Artistic Training and Cultural Mediation Programs

TfT hosts special events in its Studio and takes part in annual commemorations such as Black History Month, The International Theatre Day and many others…

TfT regularly offers workshops in its Studio, often in partnership with other community-based organizations in order to strengthen the local cultural network.