Lynda Hill, Artistic Director of the Weefestival, shows a mask to a young girl
Alex Côté in Les Zinspirées Infiniment éveilées
Children gather at the Berkeley Street Theatre
Gloria Lokwa and Philippe Racines in Impatience
Sheila Ingabire in Les Zinspirées L’age de raison

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A Francophone Theatre for the Stories All Torontonians Need to Hear.

More than a cultural mission, we are committed to showcasing new perspectives, placing diversity of ideas at the core of the creation process, and bringing francophone culture to Toronto through excellence and innovation. Your support is essential and allows us to continue to inspire young and old alike through the magic of theatre and to play a significant role in the learning and understanding of the French language among young people. Our works, recognized across Canada, raise the profile of Ontario’s francophone artists and invigorate the cultural vitality of our community nationwide.

Our ambitions are high, and our dreams are infinite – help us reach them.

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$25 Buys a ticket for a young person!
$50 Subsidizes part of the ticket price for 10 students who come to the theatre!
$150 Finances a day of writing-coaching for Les Zinspirés!
$500 Pays for the composition of an original song!
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“Culture plays a major role in the promotion and appreciation of language, in the construction of collective memory, and in the transfer of knowledge. This is especially true within the Canadian Francophonie, of which the Théâtre français de Toronto is one of the most dynamic voices.” Ode Belzile, Director, Philanthropic Activities, J. Armand Bombardier Foundation
Claudia Lebeuf and Patricia Marceau discuss La Seconde surprise de l’amour in TfT’s dressing room
“French theatre has always been my passion and has remained the most important link to my culture. I regularly assist TfT with its fundraising campaigns, and I invite you to do the same. Come to the theatre, help it to continue producing its quality productions. Be generous!” Claudia Lebeuf, patron and donor since 1993
Ann Atkinson and Chanda Gibson discuss the upcoming show in TfT’s costume wardrobe
“Having majored in French literature at university, I am especially fond of the classics, so I take every opportunity to sponsor the theatrical works of my favourite French playwrights, such as Moliere. I am not a Francophone, but that doesn’t prevent me from appreciating such works.” Ann Atkinson, patron and donor since 2008
Yang Li, a theatre patron, talks with Pierre Simpson, a professional actor
“Théâtre français de Toronto is a symbol that unites diverse communities of Toronto and Power Corporation of Canada is proud to support its mission.  By presenting high quality theatrical productions and contemporary works from Canada and abroad, TfT contributes to the promotion of the Francophonie world in all its plurality.” Paul C. Genest, Senior Vice-President at Power Corporation

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