Finance a ticket for a young person !

Subsidize  part of the ticket price for 10 students who come to the theatre!

Finance a day of writing coaching for Les Zinspirés!

Pay for the original composition of a song!

Officially sponsor one of the season’s play!

Cover the copyright for the five tales of Les Zinspirés!

Play your part at TfT!

Take part in our theatrical productions. Your donations are necessary: together, we create! Every donation contributes to Théâtre français de Toronto’s growth, so join us and participate in the development of one of the most influent French-Canadian theatres. Also, an official tax receipt will be issued for all donations of $20 and more.

For more information, contact: Camille Mauran at 416.534.7303 line 29 or at


Claudia Lebeuf

Donor and benefactor

“French theatre has always been my passion, and has remained the most important link to my culture. I regularly assist TfT with its fundraising campaigns and I invite you to do the same. Come to the theatre, help it to continue producing its quality productions. Be generous!”

Simple donations

TfT celebrates its 50th anniversary and invites you to contribute to its annual fundraising campaign. Your support makes all the difference!

Thank you!

Subsidize part of the ticket price for 10 students who come to the theatre!

Finance a day of writing coaching for Les Zinspirés!

Pay for the original composition of a song!

Officially sponsor one of the season’s play!

Cover the copyright for the five tales of Les Zinspirés!

You can also set up a monthly donation!
For that purpose, contact: Camille Mauran at 416.534.7303 line 29 or at

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Matching Gift Program

Did you know you could associate your company to your generosity? Check if it has a matching gift program: you could double the amount of your donation without spending an extra dime! A great number of Canadian companies offer this type of program.




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Sponsor a play

A play is particularly close to your heart? Enjoy exclusive benefits:

Invitation to first readings and rehearsals

E-bulletins on the progress of the show

Recognition of your support in the promotionnal material

Possible onstage speech on opening night

Starting from $1 000 with a maximum of five sponsors per play

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Planned Giving

Choosing planned giving to donate to TfT is a gesture that has a lasting impact on the long-term development of francophone theatre in Ontario; a gesture that gives you the possibility to support a cause you care about while achieving significant tax benefits.

Here are different ways you can leave a legacy to TfT:



Life Insurance

Charitable Remainder Trust

Real Estate


Distribution of the donations made through planned giving

New strategic initiatives for the long-term development and sustainability of the company via the Endowment Fund

TfT’s Emergency Reserve Fund via the Endowment Fund

New artistic and creative initiatives deemed exceptional via the Operating Budget

The Richard Vaillancourt Fund

Former president of TfT’s Board of Directors, Richard Albert Vaillancourt wished his bequest would serve as an example. He wanted to demonstrate that Planned Giving constitutes a powerful gift: one that helps the overall prosperity of Théâtre français de Toronto and helps support its mission to serve the francophone culture in Toronto.

Inspired by Richard Vaillancourt’s exceptional act of generosity, TfT decided to establish a Heritage Fund bearing his name and launched its own Planned Giving Program.

The philosophy behind the Endowment Fund is to make sure the contributions made by the donators affect the development of TfT over the long term, but with enough leeway to permit our company to benefit from some financial help over the medium term as well.

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Your impact

Thanks to your donations, we have been able to:

Create multi-awarded plays

Tour and introduce all of Canada to TfT's productions

Set up our Creation Centre

Giving levels:

Ambassador GOLD ($25 000 and up)

Ambassador SILVER ($10 000 – $24 999)

Ambassador BRONZE ($5 000 – $9 999)

Leading role ($1 500 – $4 999)

Supporting role ($250 – $1 499)

If they want it, donors can get their name published in the evening programmes for cumulative donations exceeding $250 and in the main hall of the Berkeley Street Theatre for those exceeding $1000.

The category to which each donor belongs corresponds to the amount of his/her cumulative donations.

TfT Registered Charity Number: 11901 8588 RR0001
Our recognition plan is available upon request.

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