Ghislain Caron and Karine Ricard


“Some journeys lead us to the discovery of other people ... Others lead us to rediscover ourselves.”

Karine Ricard and Ghislain Caron

Sailing through time. Crossing oceans. Some journeys lead us to the discovery of other people ... Others lead us to rediscover ourselves. Some journeys are motivated by a need for adventure whileothers are essential to our survival. Les Filles du roi set off across the Atlantic to New France without knowing what to expect. Quichotte travels the world to fight windmills. Jocelyn Sioui travels back in time to retrace the steps of his Mononk Jules, a Wendat who left his mark on Canadian history. In L’Amour telle une cathédrale ensevelie, a son flees by sea to reunite with his mother in Quebec; while, Convictions tells the story of a Lebanese family living in Ontario. The self exiled Roi poubelle lives on an island of rubbish, never suspecting that love will one day convince him to return to dry land. Finally, we have the pleasure of presenting Molière’s classic Les Fourberies de Scapin, a commedia dell’arte style adaptation coming to us from France, as well as the 11th edition of Les Zinspiré.e.s.

These plays and journeys are for people who have made Canada their new ‘home’; for people who want to understand and recognize the territories in which they live and, to those who want to hear their stories – their histories – told.

This season would not be possible without your support and participation; without the talent of our artists; without the expertise of our technicians; without the curiosity of our teachers and their students. Enjoy!

Karine Ricard, Artistic Director, TfT
Ghislain Caron, Executive Director

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