Karine Ricard


Karine Ricard

“Theatre, in particular, remains the perfect place to exchange and discover new perspectives.”

Our absence was long and necessary. Our society needed time to protect and organize itself. But we’ve now reached a point where we can safely return to live events in person -- safely. Theatre, in particular, remains the perfect place to exchange and discover new perspectives, new bold ideas that constantly crisscross each other.

It’s no surprise then that 2021-2022 season was imagined as a crossroads, a passing of the torch between Joël Beddows, former artistic director, and me who proudly takes over. We both had a hand in shaping this season, and you will discern some elements that align with my vision for the future of the company and my artistic inclinations.

Indeed, this is a brand new beginning for me, our team, and our artists. It is also a new beginning for TfT, which is offering a “bimodal” season with in-person programming alongside that available on our webcasting platform. It is also, in a way, a new beginning for you, the spectators, who are finally returning to our theatres.

This is a wonderful opportunity to seek the Other, to share with you a multitude of points of view, and to forge links with stateless and anonymous communities, to meet them and hear their voices. This is what drives me!

You will notice that this season is a feminine one. Within it, you will discover Singulières and Le Club des Éphémères, two shows with an all-woman cast. You’ll witness the talent of two female directors who headed Les Zinspiré.e.s : Flambant 9 and Les Liaisons dangereuses respectively, two webcasts that will be available on our digital platform. You will meet four authors who, inspired by their experiences and their cultures, will take us on a journey in Manman la mer, Petit Bout de bois, Yassama et la Calebasse aux Cauris, and Ti-Jean de partout. But as this season is also a crossroads of themes and styles, you will also be challenged by the warning of German author Roland Schimmelpfennig who, in Solstice d’hiver (Winter Solstice), exposes the vulnerability of our society.

Through the voices of our creators, our performers of all genres and places, I invite you to celebrate with me this fragile balance that accurately reflects the portrait of our society. Welcome back to the theatre!

Karine Ricard, Artistic Director, TfT

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