Karine Ricard


Karine Ricard

“There are graves to be dug up; shadows to be shone upon; there are whispers to be amplified; languages and cultures to be acknowledged and celebrated.”

Made in Canada

For my very first full season as TfT’s Artistic Director, I am pleased to present a line-up conceived entirely by artists from the Canadian Francophonie. Whether it is the presentation of new original works from playwrights, collective creations or even translations... everything originates from local talent.

Over the past year, many discussions and reflections on the future of the performing arts have made me realize how intricately linked an artist’s well-being and creativity are. After two years of major challenges, it became clear to me how weakened our creators had become by not having access to a stage. I also witnessed their resilience and determination to save their art at all costs. They worked on new creations without really knowing if they would see the light of day; without having a precise idea of when or where they would take shape; imagining all the while that all these efforts may not lead anywhere. It takes incredible hard work and courage to create a show in such conditions!

This programming also reflects an awakening and a look at the Human being as he/she questions their surroundings and begins to heal. As citizens of the world, we’ve crossed to the other side of that mirror; we are now well aware that what happens here, happens everywhere. There are graves to be dug up; shadows to be shone upon; there are whispers to be amplified; languages and cultures to be acknowledged and celebrated. The works we’ve chosen to present will open up conversations on topics that are an integral part of the current Canadian experience.

We’ll talk about grief: Perruche. We'll talk about Francophone and Canadian identity: Un. Deux. Trois. We'll talk about social inequalities in urban and rural Ontario: Vaches, The Musical and Crawlspace. We'll tackle taboo subjects: Mesdames et messieurs, garçons et filles. We will hear languages from our First Nations: Delphine rêve toujours. We will talk about our invisible workforce: Le Concierge. We will talk about our families: Flush and Manman La Mer. We will let our youth speak: Les Zinspiré.e.s : Dix-joncté.e.s.

As Canadians and as Torontonians, it has become clear that we can no longer ignore each other. We need to unite; we need to understand and heal together; we need to stand together.

It is in this spirit of solidarity, collaboration and support that TfT is proud to celebrate local artistic communities and highlight their uniquely Canadian work; and, in so doing, give hope to future generations of artists... Ultimately, it is about ensuring the sustainability of our culture. What a joy to be part of it!

Karine Ricard, Artistic Director, TfT

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