Laurence Dauphinais, Steffi Didomenicantonio, Nico Racicot in Five Faces for Évelyne Frost



Les Zinspiré.e.s : Dix-joncté.e.s

NO CENSORSHIP. NO RESTRAINT. TEENAGERS HAVE THEIR SAY. In this 10th edition of LES ZINSPIRÉ.E.S, teen writers imagine five new worlds for the stage – sometimes funny, sometimes moving. Come be a part of the professional cast that will deliver all the energy and insight of a new generation of creators. Consistently hailed by critics and acclaimed by audiences, LES ZINSPIRÉ.E.S remains one of Théâtre français de Toronto’s crown jewels.

To provide as many Toronto applicants as possible with the opportunity to make themselves known, TfT is requesting self-taping video auditions for this first round of auditions.


Photo and résumé in a single PDF with your name in the title of the file,
Audition video (self-tape) including:

  • 1 scene of your choice from the sides (scripts) provided from Les Zinspiré.e.s 10 (1-2 takes, different in tone)
  • 1 excerpt of ‘Narrateur’ OR ‘Mère’, additional texts for contrast (optional)
  • 1 minute of self-introduction (including your singing range, if you play an instrument and/or dance level, if applicable)
  • 1 minute of one or two talents you would like to share (ex: singing, music, dancing, etc.) You can also attach an existing short video/demo/link (optional)

Possible in-person callbacks in August 2022 (to be confirmed)

Audition submission form AT THE FOLLOWING LINK.

Contact for information: Pierre Simpson,

Deadline to submit: Friday, July 15, 2022, 5:00 p.m.

Théâtre français de Toronto works under the UDA-ACT (Union des artistes) agreement. Equity Members are allowed to work under UDA-ACT for 3 contracts per year using their CAEA membership.

Interested actors MUST LIVE IN THE TORONTO AREA: upon request, they must be able to provide an Ontario health card and/or bill with a Toronto address.

In order to reflect the multicultural reality of the Francophonie in Ontario and Toronto, actors of various ancestries and identities are strongly encouraged to register for the auditions. Everyone must be very comfortable REHEARSING AND PERFORMING IN FRENCH. In addition, given the changing health measures, it is important that the chosen performers can, if necessary, rehearse via Zoom and work on Google Drive.

Viewing committee: Constant Bernard, Karine Ricard and Pierre Simpson (subject to change). All submissions will be viewed by at least one person.

LES ZINSPIRÉ.E.S: Dix-joncté.e.s

Short plays by teen writers from Southern Ontario and coached by a professional team.

Director: Constant Bernard

Possible recalls in August 2022

Rehearsals in October and November 2022, with possible workshop in September (to be confirmed)

Performances scheduled from November 24 to December 10, 2022

*all these dates are scheduled IN PERSON but will be subject to change and adapted as needed to comply with the rules and the evolution of the health situation*



All actors will be asked to play several characters.

**Diversity highly encouraged for all roles.__


  1. ISAAC: Adult to play a male-identifying 16-18 year old teenager. Determined, cunning, a little anxious, comical, thinks he’s the king of the world despite the fact that he lives a very ordinary life. Summary: Isaac's alarm rings. He stops it. September 7. The first day of 12th grade. He can't wait to finish high school to finally be free! It's a very ordinary day... His first project in French class: write a short story. Lacking ideas, he decides to write a story similar to Groundhog Day where his main character - also named Isaac - relives the same day over and over. On his way home, he gets hit by a car and dies suddenly. Isaac's alarm rings. He stops it. September 7… again? Just like the character played by Bill Murray, Issac will have to find a way to get out of this time loop - without a groundhog! (Diversity encouraged)


  1. MARGARET CLAUS: Adult to play female-identifying, 40-60 years old (might also play roles for 16-18 years old) Raw, realist, sarcastic, jaded but with a hint of compassion. Plot: When Santa Claus runs away with Cinnamon (his favorite stripper from the club “The North Pole”), Mrs. Claus - Margaret Claus - must deliver all the presents to the children of the world, herself. Less than skillful in her approach, she falls from the chimney and finds herself face to face with Léa, a perceptive preteen with a thousand and one questions. Having been unmasked, Margaret confirms her identity and doesn’t hesitate to share her opinions on men - all filthy pigs who think with their bells! A cross between a feminist life lesson and the hope and unconditional love of a child for her estranged father. (Diversity encouraged)


  1. NATASHA: Adult to play a female-identifying 16-18 year old teenager. Determined and disciplined, Natasha’s a cheerful and positive girl. A total Tyler The Creator fangirl. Summary: Natasha has been waiting for Tyler The Creator's concert for 385 days. She’s already late since her mother got the wrong address and her BFFs, Isabelle and Leah seem to be more interested in boys and their followers on Instagram. Several increasingly outrageous adventures come to test Natasha's positivity and reach their peak when she gets vomitted on by a spectator. This triggers an explosion of emotions and opinions that she had, until now, suppressed. Her evening now ruined, will she at least manage to save her friendship with Leah and Isabelle? (Diversity encouraged)


  1. HOVSEP: Adult to play a male-identifying 16-18 year old Armenian teenager. Dreamer, troubled, faithful, humble, pacifist. Summary: In the fall of 2020, Azerbaijan launched an attack on Armenia in what would become commonly known as “The 40 Day War”. Hovsep, a young Armenian pianist is torn. Should he defend his country and his family honour by joining the army and helping his father on the battlefront? Faithful to his homeland and his father, he leaves for Hadrut with his best friend Davit by his side. But how will he manage to take another soldier’s life? Does God forgive this sin? (The actor would preferably be of Armenian, Eastern European or Middle Eastern descent. International French.)


  1. LOUISA: Adult to play female-identifying 16-45 years old. Mother of a bourgeois family, dignified, haughty tone, sly. Summary: April 17, 1958. A quiet Sunday evening, in a quiet Victorian cottage, with sweeping views over the quiet harbors of Brighton, England. A well-to-do family finishes their dinner; an old leg of lamb found in the basement freezer, carefully prepared by grandmother Agatha. The next morning, Stuart, her grandson, discovers Agatha's body and immediately calls for his parents, Louisa and Alden. When Stuart points out that his grandmother's smile is missing a tooth, Louisa tells us that it is murder and that the murderer must be in the house! (GASP!) Drawing inspiration from movies like Clue and Ionesco's Theatre of the Absurd, this murder mystery is laced with humour and larger-than-life characters.


  1. STORYTELLER: Adult male-, female-identifiying and/or non-binary to play several roles from 11 to 80 years old. Dynamic and versatile performer who is interested in the project and who will be called upon to play several leading and supporting roles in the short plays mentioned in this casting call, but also 2-4 short plays still to be selected from this year’s writing competition. (Diversity highly encouraged, Canadian and/or International French)