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About TfT and its Audience

Théâtre français de Toronto (TfT) was founded in 1967 and is the only professional French-language theatre company in southern Ontario offering a full season of diverse productions ranging from new Canadian and international works to the classics. TfT sells about 9,500 tickets every season. All shows are presented at Berkeley Street Theatre, 26 Berkeley Street (Berkeley & Front).

Since its creation, TfT has been a meeting point for all francophones and francophiles living in the GTA and in southern Ontario, from as far away as Kingston, the Niagara Region, Barrie and London. Our base includes not only Franco-Ontarians, but also European and Quebecois people as well as francophones from Africa, the Middle East and the Caribbean. French is a second language for about a quarter of our audience. TfT targets a part of its season towards young audiences with “Volet Nouvelles Générations” (New Generation Program). Nearly 4,000 students from francophone and immersion schools attended TfT’s school matinees in 2013-2014 and TfT has strived to reach out to youth and new audiences.

Since April 2005, TfT has offered performances with English SURTITLES. This initiative is now a major attraction and enables TfT to reach new audiences, increasing the attendance rate by about 20%.


Sponsorships are a simple and efficient way to support TfT while gaining exposure for your company. With TfT being one of the most important French-language cultural institutions in southern Ontario, your sponsorship is guaranteed to reach out to the wide francophone and francophile communities.

Sponsoring TfT has many benefits:

  • You promote your company to the francophone and francophile communities in the GTA and southern Ontario
  • You associate your company with a dynamic and positive cultural organization
  • You demonstrate your support to arts and culture to a sophisticated and educated audience

There are several sponsorship opportunities with different values and tangible benefits attached to them. Depending on your objectives, you can sponsor one single production or a part of the season, or various initiatives and special activities at TfT.

To be among them or to have more information about sponsorship opportunities and our audience’s socio-demographic profile

Contact: Michel Rommel

Tel: 416.534.7303, ext. 29 or Email

Advertising Opportunities

Advertising on our website or in our evening programs is a low-cost way to reach our audience. TfT prints an evening programs for each show during the entire season. Every season, over 10,000 copies of the programs are printed out and distributed to the audience at the theatre. Depending on the type of exposure you want, you can choose different dimensions and you also have the option to insert flyers (price is according to the number of flyers).

Contact: Michel Rommel

Tel: 416.534.7303, ext. 29 or Email

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