The Precious Young Ladies

  • Type: Classics, Comedy, Moliere, Music, New production
  • Age: 12 and up
  • Location:
  • Duration: 1:40
  • Dates: From 23/04/14 to 10/05/14


Great Gala & Show on May 8: Make an evening of it, the French way!

A ONE-ACT COMEDY OF MANNERS IN PROSE that takes a satiric aim at the extravagant and delicate ladies of the French bourgeoisie, Les Précieuses ridicules is considered a crowd-pleasing masterpiece of the French repertoire. In Théâtre français de Toronto’s production, this Molière classic is given a modern and musical setting that reverberates in today’s world, where a book is often judged by its cover. Discover or rediscover Molière with the help of Boris Vian, Brassens, and other modern poets and songwriters.

REDISCOVER THIS GREAT MOLIÈRE CLASSIC! It shouts, it races, it buzzes, it’s joyful, lively, and brazen, with a euphoric modernity. Two provincial girls, heads stuffed with novels, keen on flirting and being socialites, spurn marriage proposals from gentlemen too common for their taste. Hurt, the scorned suitors decide to seek revenge through their manservants; Mascarille and Jodelet, who masquerade as the ultimate trendy poseurs … these two bedecked swains won’t stop seducing the young ladies yearning for romance stories.

Claude Naubert and Guy Mignault join forces to set Les Précieuses to music: a musical accompaniment in perfect synergy with this short play’s frothiness and mischief.

With this adaptation, Guy Mignault scrambles eras and gives our two precious darlings the chance to be “ridiculous” in music!

Director’s note:

When I chose to stage Les Précieuses, aware that it was a short play, I said to myself, “Well, this is going to let me have some fun adding short texts, songs, and monologues that I love, ones that speak to me and reflect Molière’s thinking as well as my own. Let’s overlap eras!”

A production of Théâtre français de Toronto

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