Albertine in five times

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  • Type: Classics, Drama, Quebec
  • Age: 14 and up
  • Location:
  • Duration: 1 h 20
  • Dates: From 17/04/13 to 28/04/13

As Albertine calmly awaits her “second death,” she is visited by the women she used to be. With the help of her sister Madeleine, at once her confidante and rival, the five Albertines exchange their experiences and memories, and recall their suffering, their heartbreaks, and their brief moments of happiness. Seventy-year-old Albertine’s serene reflection finally allows her to free herself from the rage, shame, and guilt that broke her life; she makes peace with the lost Albertines — engulfed in anger at 30, in bitterness at 40, finding renewal at 50, and in despair at 60.

Michel Tremblay shows us the true face of Albertine, this complex character from the Chroniques du Plateau-Mont-Royal, as he touches on themes present in all his work, such as the weight of social constraints and family. It is, however, the dreamlike and yet invaluable dialogue between the different Albertines that elevates this script to the outstanding.

Albertine à 70 ans (À Albertine à 30 ans) : On dépend toutes de toi… Essaye… de discuter avec Thérèse… pis de comprendre Marcel… Quand y seront pus là, y va être trop tard

Christopher Hoile, Stage Door Blog *****: 5 STARS!
Director Jean Stéphane Roy has created the best production of Albertine en cinq temps you are ever likely to see. Read the whole article
(Mélanie Beauchamp’s) Albertine is the focus of the play’s ending, which I will not reveal, except to say it one of the most extraordinarily moving moments I have ever experienced at the TfT. Read the whole article
This is an innovative, profoundly insightful production of a Tremblay classic that simply must be seen by anyone who loves the theatre. It is a production that will change how we view this play from now on. Read the whole article
Kevin Reid (The Visitor), The Visitorium
It’s one of the most beautifully-crafted character pieces I could even imagine, and it’s imagined into pretty amazing reality here by director, and Catapulte Artistic Director Jean Stephane-Roy. It’s hard to pick out or spotlight a performance here, because all 6 actors are so uniformly great. I expect that the acting lineup for this play will look extremely similar to the nomination list for next year’s Prix Rideau Awards for French Theatre, Female (...) Bloody incredible, right across the board. An amazing text by Canadian legend Tremblay is brought to incredible life here, by the kind of talent you only ever dream you had backing you up. Read the whole article
Richard Ouzounian, Toronto Star
Lyne Tremblay stars in Albertine in Five Times for Théâtre Français de Toronto. The script tells the story of Albertine, an archetypal Quebecois woman, by having her played by five different actresses at five different stages in her life. “I get to play her at age 60,” says the 54 year-old, yoga-toned Tremblay. “She’s on Valium and totally messed up, but I love her. “Albertine is timeless, she’s every woman. She’s an eternal person. She’s struggling to be her own and take chances. I love that about her." Read the whole article
Chris Dupuis, Xtra!
She’s a character gay people can connect with because she’s an outsider in that society. She’s tried to fit in, but she can’t. And that’s where a lot of her anger comes from.” “He’s one of the only male writers who really understands women,” Roy says. “Most of his works are about women, but his characters are so universal. Many of his stories come from his own life and the people around him. He shows us that the more personal you are with your writing, the more universally it will be read.” Read the whole article
Geneviève Turcot, La Presse
Indémodable et touchant. Read the whole article
Isabelle Brisebois, Radio-Canada
J’ai eu un plaisir fou à replonger dans l’œuvre de Tremblay et les comédiennes m’ont fait vivre de beaux moments d’émotion ! (…) Une mise en scène dans laquelle il y a plein de belles trouvailles (…) mais qui nous permet d’entendre vraiment bien le texte. Et félicitations à la direction d’acteur.
Martin Vanasse, Radio-Canada
Magnifiquement jouée et admirablement bien mise en scène. Une pièce à voir absolument.
Anne Michaud, Radio-Canada
J’ai adoré la mise en scène, la scénographie, de Jean Stéphane Roy, mais vraiment beaucoup, beaucoup aimé !
Hélène Durant, L’Express de Toronto
C’est une véritable relecture de la pièce que propose Roy en adoptant un point de vue inédit, celui d’une «vision d’avenir» plutôt qu’un «souvenir». Présent lors de la première représentation à Ottawa, Michel Tremblay a beaucoup apprécié cette nouvelle mise en scène. «Il a été très touché. Il aime qu’on le surprenne, que son travail soit réinventé» La pièce a rencontré un franc succès lors de cette première phase de représentations à Ottawa où elle a été jouée à guichets fermés. Read the whole article
  • Michel Tremblay
  • Jean-Stéphane Roy
  • Geneviève Dufour
  • Lyne Tremblay
  • Mélanie Beauchamp
  • Patricia Marceau
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    J’ai adoré la production à Ottawa, cet automne. Hâte de voir ça à Toronto !

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    C’était top !