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Scapin’s Deceits

OCTAVE ET LÉANDRE ARE BOTH IN LOVE. One of them is enamoured of a modest servant girl, the other with a gypsy. When their hidden loves are threatened by their noble families, Scapin, Léandre’s valet, is asked to “concoct some invention, come up with some machine” to get them out of their predicament. Scapin assists them, but is it to be helpful, or just to make mischief? This sly, shrewd...
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christianE_1_ Nicola-Frank_Vachon_72dpi

The 3 Exiles of Christian E.

Christian E. leaves his hometown in New Brunswick to try a career as an actor, first in the land of La Sagouine and then in Montreal. In Montreal, his Acadian accent prevents him from getting hired as an actor. He is quickly disillusioned by a life spent in a basement apartment, unemployed, playing video games, waiting for his girlfriend… then, when his close cousin disappears, Christian E. goes looking for him....
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Two Rooms

MERCIER IS A POLICE OFFICER: Canadian, white, charming, very old school. Maha, his wife, is a doctor: young, beautiful, intelligent, and Muslim. She has a lot to confess. So does he. Little by little, over the course of an interrogation they are both subjected to, Mercier and Maha reveal their pasts to us. Politics, terrorism, passion, betrayal, murder… In a suspenseful production directed by Geneviève Pineault, Jean Marc Dalpé, who also...
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Les Zinspirés

Since last summer, Sally, Clara, Stéphanie, Paul, and Julien, gifted young writers from Toronto secondary schools, have been hard at work burrowing into their scripts with the help of their writing coaches Marianne, Luc, Glen and Pierre… What happens when you hate writing, have a boring life and nothing to say, but have a French assignment to turn in on Monday morning? The only solution is to ensconce yourself at the coolest...
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Une pièce ludique pour les enfants dès 4 ans.

The Time of the Muffins

While preparing his muffins, a cook makes stories, images, and games appear out of nowhere.  He cooks words just like a magician: he lays his own eggs and makes his own Get-Big-Soup! He waits for us in the privacy of his kitchen where objects come to life. A true delight for the imagination! Author, actor, director, and musician Joël da Silva has happily explored the playful relationship between words, music, and games...
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Albertine-en-5-temps_72dpi-64_crédit Sylvain Sabatie

Albertine in five times

As Albertine calmly awaits her “second death,” she is visited by the women she used to be. With the help of her sister Madeleine, at once her confidante and rival, the five Albertines exchange their experiences and memories, and recall their suffering, their heartbreaks, and their brief moments of happiness. Seventy-year-old Albertine’s serene reflection finally allows her to free herself from the rage, shame, and guilt that broke her life;...
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Le fa le do. Illustration : Philippe Béha

le fa le do

LE FA LE DO FOLLOWS ALBERT, AN ARCHIVIST NEARING RETIREMENT. As he sorts through recordings at the National Archives, he discovers a magnetic tape with the anonymous voice of a young woman singing Fado music. Mesmerized by her sensual and heart-rending voice, Albert is determined to locate the woman behind it. He becomes unwillingly entangled in a wild cobweb of romantic setbacks, political conspiracies, State secrets, and occult groups. Torn between...
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L'Atelier. Illustration de Philippe-Beha

The Studio

A FLAMBOYANT ENCOUNTER OF DANCE AND FINE ARTS, L’Atelier is a show for all audiences interested in the arts, 4 years old and up.  Onstage, dance joyfully motions the audience through key trends in art history such as POLLOCK’S DRIPPINGS, EXPRESSIONISM, and POP ART. Each gesture describes a line, a spot, a shape or a color, and unexpectedly, a work of art is created before our very eyes.   Created...
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Les Zinspirés 2.0

Les Zinspirés 2.0

EXPLORE THE MINDS AND THOUGHTS OF YOUNG WRITERS – as they go through high school. Dive into their universe of heartfelt emotions, video games, break-ups, and unlikely creatures. The stories, written by students from the GTA, are brought to life by Théâtre français de Toronto’s production team and performed by young professional actors. An exceptional  provocative journey through short stories for teenage and adult audiences alike. A Théâtre français de...
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AFTER STUDYING AT THE NATIONAL THEATRE SCHOOL, Toronto-raised playwright Mani Soleymanlou decided to write about his own experience growing up in Canada as the son of Iranian immigrants. Un is a coming-of-age and a coming-to-terms story where Mani Soleymanlou seeks an answer to a question that’s been on his mind all his life: “How can you feel Canadian and still be one with where you come from?” A creation by Orange...
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Cher Menteur_Dear Liar_72dpi

Dear Liar: A Comedy of Letters

A SERIOUS COMEDY BASED ON THE RICH, WITTY, AND OFTEN PASSIONATE CORRESPONDENCE between two theatre icons, the famed playwright George Bernard Shaw and Mrs. Patrick Campbell, the celebrated actress with whom he was “violently in love”. Beginning in late-Victorian London in 1899 and ended with the death of “Mrs. Pat” in France in 1940. The two lovers wrote each other letters over the span of four decades, from the Boer Wars to the...
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5 (934x1280)

Horsing Around 50

IN HIS WITTY STAND-UP SHOW, Mes Singeries vocales, anything is fair game for comic Bruno Coppens! During his performance masterfully juggles words and often bursts into song.  Bruno recently turned 50 and he’s never felt more disconnected from the younger generation than he does now. His own daughter, he admits, speaks a different language and communicates using devices and social networks he could not even dream of understanding.  It was high...
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Precieuses ridicules_Precious Young Ladies_72dpi

The Precious Young Ladies

RUNNING APRIL 23-MAY 10 Great Gala & Show on May 8: Make an evening of it, the French way! A ONE-ACT COMEDY OF MANNERS IN PROSE that takes a satiric aim at the extravagant and delicate ladies of the French bourgeoisie, Les Précieuses ridicules is considered a crowd-pleasing masterpiece of the French repertoire. In Théâtre français de Toronto’s production, this Molière classic is given a modern and musical setting that reverberates...
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Zone_promotion_Contact Ontarois

ZONE — Encore Performances

The award-winning hit from Théâtre français de Toronto and Théâtre La Catapulte playing at the Young People’s Theatre in February 2015! Marcel Dubé was one of the most significant figure during québécois theatre’s emancipation from the dark Duplessis years. His works are typified by an honest and simple poetic voice, reflective of a daily and a social reality. They never cease to surprise us by their lasting relevance. DIRECTED BY JEAN...
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BASED ON ACTUAL EVENTS, the story intimately follows Simone and Jean. They have gradually grown apart as a couple and have decided to spend a few weeks vacationing in Ireland in the hope of rekindling their romance. Their plans are turned upside down when Jean comes across the lifeless body of a young woman washed out on the beach. Évelyne de la Chenelière delivers a poignant drama, the intimitate autopsy...
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Spectacle de la Roulotte au Parc Lafontaine


ONCE UPON A TIME…in a mystical forest where trees are tiger-striped and where cats favor jazz over meowing, Frédéric Bélanger brings to the young public a fun musical comedy — a new spin on the famous fairy tale by Charles Perrault. STORY: Upon the passing of their father, three brothers are set to collect their inheritance. The eldest is handed the keys to the mill, the second receives the mules while...
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FEELING LOST AND DISORIENTED AFTER LOSING HIS WIFE, Georges Boivin, 77, decides to retrace the steps of his first love. A woman he hasn’t seen in fifty years. With three of his best friends, Georges leaves for Vancouver where he hopes to find his estranged flame, and catch a breath of fresh air. STARRING THE LEGENDARY PIERRE COLLIN.   Stage manager, production manager and assistant director: Rebecca BROUILLARD Set, lighting...
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IT’S WET AND FOGGY. IT’S MIDSUMMER IN EDINBURGH. She’s a lawyer. He’s a petty crim. She’s totally out of his league; he’s not her type at all. They absolutely should not sleep together. Which is of course, why they do. With a bag filled with cash, Bob and Helena get up to one ‘legendary lost weekend’, the kind that you tell your grandchildren about, although maybe not the raunchiest parts....
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passe_anterieur (1)


By MICHEL TREMBLAY THIS IS NOT ABOUT A GRAMMAR LESSON but instead, a new chapter in the life of Albertine: a “series regular”, one of the many recurring characters populating the intricate world meticulously crafted by Tremblay over the span of 50 years. Here Albertine is 20 years old and about to endure a terrible heartache that will leave her scarred for life — but as far as she is...
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zinspires (1)


REDISCOVER THE WORLD THOUGH THE EYES OF YOUNG WRITERS. Dive into their universe filled with untamed emotions, existential angst, BFFs, and (anti)social media. Five short stories, all written by teens from across Southern Ontario, are brought to life by Théâtre français de Toronto’s production team and performed by young professional actors. An exceptional, provocative journey for the wildly creative teenager in all of us! DIABLE BLANC (White devil) by Mary...
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MOLIÈRE’S MASTERPIECE AND THE VERY LAST PLAY THE LEGENDARY AUTHOR WROTE . Théâtre français de Toronto is pleased to end its 47th season on a high comedic note with Moliere’s LE MALADE IMAGINAIRE (The Imaginary Invalid). It was more than 340 years ago that the famed Parisian author imagined this old and zany patriarch who, like most characters in Moliere’s body of work, has not aged a bit! As he’s done...
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Michel Mpambara

Michel Mpambara’s One-Man Show

For One Night Only In Toronto!   Tuesday February 10, 2015 Alliance française de Toronto’s Theatre 24 Spadina Road Toronto, ON M5R 2S7 Michel Mpambara, an accomplished artist of African origin who, for the last 20 years, has been working hard on the Quebec scene to entertain, make people laugh and represent his two cultures (Rwanda and Canada) will be presenting his one-man show to commemorate Black History Month. Early...
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JULY 17 TO 19, 2015 PLAYING AT THE FLECK DANCE THEATRE. What would happen if the laws of gravity were to suddenly change? At once funny, surreal, and disorienting, defying the laws of gravity and breaking the bounds of the imagination, LEO is a veritable triumph on the international stage. Halfway between circus and theatre, LEO is the intriguing and touching story of seemingly ordinary man confined to a narrow...
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JULY 23 TO 25, 2015 PLAYING AT FLECK DANCE THEATRE. Timber! clearly lands off the beaten track. Circus, dance, theatre, and traditional Québécois music clang together in this show where you can practically smell the fresh-cut pine logs. This young circus troupe from the village of Saint-Alphonse-Rodriguez has drawn upon their country roots as inspiration for this totally original creative project. TIMBER! is clearly off the beaten track. To begin...
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OCTOBER 28 TO NOVEMBER 1, 2015 PLAYING AT BERKELEY STREET THEATRE. A CHAOTIC, SURPRISING, AND DISCONCERTING ODYSSEY, THIS IS THE JOURNEY TAKEN BY PIERRE-GUY B., FOR WHOM INTEGRITY IS A WAY OF LIFE. After LES TROIS EXILS DE CHRISTIAN E. the duo Essiambre/Soldevila joins Pierre-Guy Blanchard to tell a new autobiographical story. A percussionist by trade, Pierre-Guy has been wandering for several years across Eastern Europe and the Middle East....
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NOVEMBER 20 TO 28, 2015 PLAYING AT THE BERKELEY STREET THEATRE. YOUNG MINDS, NEW IDEAS ! The five stories chosen to be part of Les Zinspirés puissance 4 are: Jugements by Eric Vanhauwaert (école secondaire Étienne-Brûlé – Toronto) Opinionated and sarcastic, Luc comes from Hearst. Much to his dislike, he goes on a school trip to Toronto. When Luc gets lost, he must make the best of his rudimentary English in order...
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DECEMBER 2 TO 6, 2015 PLAYING AT BERKELEY STREET THEATRE. WHEN THE POWER OF SPEECH OFFSETS THE FRAILTY OF THE HUMAN BODY… “Neurinoma” is the formal name of a brain tumour. No, don’t run away just yet! Based on Alain Doom’s own life experience, this tale of resilience is about an actor who must deal with cancer as he travels to the end of the planet. So what brings him...
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MAY 11 TO 29, 2016 PLAYING AT THE BERKELEY STREET THEATRE. HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT PIGNON? After Le dîner de cons (The Dinner Gamer) and L’Emmerdeur, Francis Veber’s acclaimed character François Pignon returns to the TfT stage — and this time, he’s coming out of the closet! Pignon, mild-mannered accountant for a condom factory, ignored by those around him, finds out he’s about to be sacked. Already overwhelmed by personal...
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FEBRUARY 5, 2016 – 7PM PLAYING AT THE BLUMA APPEL THEATRE With over 200 performances around the world in jam-packed theatres, Kiss & Cry is an out-and-out phenomenon. Its magic lies in its remarkable, unusual form. A film is made in front of your eyes, a “micro-world” where simple fingers transform into dancing characters in the middle of dollhouses and miniature landscapes. A world where a woman, alone on a...
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FIVES FACES FOR EVELYN FROST (February 14 – March 25, 2017)

A BRILLIANTLY CRAFTED DRAMATIC QUINTET Five friends vie to increase their online status by revealing their innermost secrets on the Internet – but at what cost? This historic collaboration between Canadian Stage and Théâtre français de Toronto takes us to the deepest and darkest corners of virtual reality and into the incisive imagination of virtuoso Quebec writer Guillaume Corbeil. With performances in both English and French, this electrifying multimedia production...
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The Post Mistress Illustration

THE (POST) MISTRESS (October 12 – November 6, 2016)

CLOSING WEEK! THE RETURN OF AN ICON UNQUESTIONABLY Canada’s greatest First Nations’ playwright and one of the most influential artists of his generation, TOMSON HIGHWAY returns to Toronto with his latest work, a one-woman musical starring the magnificent PATRICIA CANO, accompanied by Tomson himself on piano. The (Post) Mistress, known in French as Zesty  Gopher s’est fait écraser par un frigo, tells the story of Marie-Louise Painchaud, postmistress of a...
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Les Zinspires Affiche

LES ZINSPIRÉS : CINQ SUR CINQ (November 17-26, 2016)

THEY’RE BACK Regularly nominated for Dora Mavor Moore awards* in the categories of Outstanding New Play and Best Ensemble (Theatre for Young Audiences category), LES ZINSPIRÉS continues to charm and entertain its growing audience. Get ready for the 5th installment : a unique and highly original production written by 5 teens from Southern Ontario, workshopped by experienced playwrights, and performed by professional actors. Clearly, the next generation has something important...
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#STARVINGPIGEONS (February 23-26, 2017)

MULTIFACETED MUSICAL PERFORMANCE Borrowing musical references from popular culture ranging from Marvin Gaye’s Mercy Me to the McDonald’s advertising jingle, #PigeonsAffamés transports us to the recent past, one imbued with nostalgia and the sense that anything was possible, before taking us back to our contemporary world – a world without direction and markers. Anne-Marie White pursues her unique path as a playwright and director by presenting a radiant theatre that...
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TREASURE ISLAND (December 8-10, 2016)

WHEN A TREASURE IS WITHIN GRASP, OUR TRUE NATURE IS REVEALED Since the death of Leonie’s mother, bedtime stories have lost their appeal. But through the experience of grief she also gains the desire for independence; one day, Leonie decides to read literature’s most famous pirate novel without her father’s help: TREASURE ISLAND by Robert Louis Stevenson. This is just the opportunity that the mysterious “John Long Silver” has been...
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SCATTERED IN A RISING WIND (December 1-4, 2016)

BASED ON THE AWARD-WINNING NOVEL Marcel loves Marie. Joseph, Rose’s husband, does too. Marcel intervenes, but his actions will have serious consequences for Marie and her family. A story of longing, hatred, and forbidden love that, for over a decade, disrupts and infects a whole village. One family’s drama becomes a tragedy for all humanity in Jean Marc Dalpé’s haunting Franco-Ontarian masterpiece. The TfT is proud to present Dalpé’s Governor-General’s...
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TO COMMEMORATE BLACK HISTORY MONTH A reading of José Pliya’s Le Complexe de Thénardier will be presented in TfT’s Studio on February 27 (21, College Street).  Directed by Lina Blais, featuring Karine Ricard and Carline Zamar, the reading of this remarkable play will be followed by a discussion hosted by Yves-Gérard Méhou-Loko. A time of war. A Mother shelters a young girl, Vido, who’s fleeing from genocide. To make herself useful, Vido...
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