Current Season


#STARVINGPIGEONS (February 23-26, 2017)

MULTIFACETED MUSICAL PERFORMANCE Borrowing musical references from popular culture ranging from Marvin Gaye’s Mercy Me to the McDonald’s advertising jingle, #PigeonsAffamés transports us to the recent past, one imbued with nostalgia and the sense that anything was possible, before taking us back to our contemporary world – a world without direction and markers. Anne-Marie White pursues her unique path as a playwright and director by presenting a radiant theatre that...
From 23/02 to 26/02


TO COMMEMORATE BLACK HISTORY MONTH A reading of José Pliya’s Le Complexe de Thénardier will be presented in TfT’s Studio on February 27 (21, College Street).  Directed by Lina Blais, featuring Karine Ricard and Carline Zamar, the reading of this remarkable play will be followed by a discussion hosted by Yves-Gérard Méhou-Loko. A time of war. A Mother shelters a young girl, Vido, who’s fleeing from genocide. To make herself useful, Vido...
From 27/02 to 27/02

FIVES FACES FOR EVELYN FROST (February 14 – March 25, 2017)

A BRILLIANTLY CRAFTED DRAMATIC QUINTET Five friends vie to increase their online status by revealing their innermost secrets on the Internet – but at what cost? This historic collaboration between Canadian Stage and Théâtre français de Toronto takes us to the deepest and darkest corners of virtual reality and into the incisive imagination of virtuoso Quebec writer Guillaume Corbeil. With performances in both English and French, this electrifying multimedia production...
From 14/02 to 25/03
Dom Juan_r

DOM JUAN (May 10-28, 2017)

“ALL THE PLEASURE OF LOVE SUBSISTS IN CHANGE”, Dom Juan Rebellious libertine. Incorrigible skirt-chaser. Dom Juan does not want to be a son. He does not want to be a husband. Nor does he want to be a master. Or worse —a hypocrite. Dom Juan simply seeks the freedom to love women without restraint and, most importantly, without limitation. He only wants the freedom to seduce them without ever having...
From 10/05 to 28/05