Planned Giving

What is Planned Giving??

Often overlooked by the public, Planned Giving is becoming increasingly relevant with regards to donation planning and financial legacy management.

In the long term, it represents the one and only tool capable of:

  • Ensuring the longevity of the foundations and organisations that are dear to us.
  • Support an organisation of your choice without compromising your quality of life and that of your close ones
  • Fiscally advantageous to you

Distribution of the donations made through the Planned Giving Program:

Planned Giving Program is dedicated to finance:

  • The implementation of new strategic initiatives for the long-term development and sustainability of the organisation, via the Endowment Fund : 50% 
  • The TfT’s Emergency Reserve Fund, via the Endowment Fund: 25%
  • New artistic and creative initiatives deemed exceptional, via the Operational budget: 25%


Additional information:

 Michel Rommel - Corporate Liaison Manager 
416-534-7303 ext 29 or by email.



The Richard Vaillancourt Fund:

Former president of TfT’s Board of Directors, Richard Albert Vaillancourt wished his bequest would serve as an example. He wanted to demonstrate that Planned Giving constitutes a powerful gift: one that helps the overall prosperity of the Théâtre français de Toronto and helps support its mission to serve the Francophone community in our city.

Inspired by Richard Vaillancourt’s exceptional act of generosity, the TfT decided to establish a Heritage Fund bearing his name and launched its own Planned Giving Program.

The philosophy behind the Endowment Fund is to make sure the contributions made by the donators affect the development of the TfT over the long term, but with enough leeway to permit our company to benefit from some financial help over the medium term as well.


Starting now, you can make a bequest to the Théâtre français de Toronto and join our Legacy Circle, confident that your donation will be managed wisely and serve our cause well.