FIVE FACES FOR EVELYN FROST : an ephemeral play ? – Guillaume Corbeil’s thoughts on his work


A young Montreal author, Guillaume Corbeil was a finalist for the Governor General’s Award and recipient of the Adrienne-Choquette Literary Award for his collection of essays L’Art de la fugue. He has written Nous voir nous. The latter was produced in 2013 by Théâtre PÀP under the title Cinq Visages pour Camille Brunelle, for which he was awarded Le Prix de la Critique (AQCT), the Michel Tremblay Award and the Audience Award at the Festival Primeurs in Saarbruck, Germany. It was also produced in German, under the title Man Sieht Sich, in Leipzig and Fürth.

Guillaume Corbeil’s thoughts on his work :

I have long been afraid of writing an ephemeral play, one so “present-day” that I feared anyone could have written it. In a discussion with the public after a performance, it was in fact one of the first questions I was asked:

- Don’t you feel your text will be outdated within a year or two?

I was reassured a few days later when a lady came to see me after the show. She had been very reluctant at first to attend the performance at Espace GO; ultimately, after seeing it, she was delighted:

- In my time, it was all very different. And yet it was very much the same.

We often talk about mutations caused by social networks, but it would imply that they have downright changed our world from one state to another. When in fact, they have merely amplified certain fundamental human realities; like the opera, or the theatre. In this sense, when a blogger from Avignon criticized the play’ subject matter citing a lack of originality, I couldn’t have agreed more.

I would like to thank Canadian Stage and Théâtre français de Toronto’s teams for making this project possible, but also Claude Poissant for reviving this show which I love so much. I hope you’ll enjoy it too.

Photographer : Justine Latour