May 11 to 21, 2018

Arrow Circle Down 2


May 11 to 21, 2018

Arrow Circle Down 2


Out of a passionate belief that children in their early years of development should be exposed to aesthetically-rich and stimulating arts  experiences Lynda Hill, Artistic & Executive Director of Theatre Direct conceived the WeeFestival of Theatre and Culture for Early Years. The festival was launched in 2014, and now returns for its third instalment with an exciting line-up of events and performances from internationally celebrated artists.

From May 11 – 21, 2018, the WeeFestival will feature productions by acclaimed companies specializing in theatre for the very young from South AfricaItalyGermanyFrance, Quebec, and Ontario. Whether for babies and toddlers, preschoolers, or kindergarteners, each show has been created with the emotional and social developmental needs and interests of young children and are presented in intimate venues to ensure every child is close to the action and fully immersed in the experience. In addition to engaging theatre productions, the festival will offer a range of multi-disciplinary programming designed to engage little ones and their parents.



Théâtre des Petites Âmes (Montréal)

A journey where friendship, joy and imagination fill time


THEY ARE THREE. They do not know one another but all three received an invitation from OGO to go away. They do not know OGO but they long to go away. And so they wait. They wait for OGO.

For ages 2 to 5 years – Duration: 35 minutes
Performances in French or in English
On May 12 and 13, 2018

Location:      Studio 21 – 21, College Street, Toronto

Conception: Isabelle Payant, in collaboration with Stéphane Heine, Anne Brulotte-Legaré and Patrick Beauchemin │ With: Patrick Beauchemin, Stéphane Heine and Isabelle Payant │ Lighting: Nancy Longchamp │ Music: Isabelle Payant │ Stage management: Stéphane Guy


Sisters, the warm embrace

by Véronique Côté (Québec)

What is a tear? It’s good for the Garden.
What is a sister? One half of a cookie.

AT THE END OF A ROADat the end of a village perhaps, or in the woods nearby is a tiny little house nestled among the birch trees. It belongs to Annou, whose faded face and heart follow from immense sorrow. Rosita arrives like a bright yellow spring in an effort to console her little sister through a series of small, joyful actions. She invents games, assembles sandwiches, whistles with the birds and takes stock of all that is sweet in life. Meanwhile, Annou unravels her sadness little by little. But what is buried inside this big knot that is so sore?

For ages 18 months to 5 years – Duration: 30 minutes
Performances in French or in English
From May 14 to 17, 2018

Conception: Véronique Côté │ With: Marie-Josée Bastien and Agnès Zacharie │ Costumes and stage design: Erica Schmitz │ Lighting: Jean-François Labbé │ Music: Josué Beaucage │ Artistic direction: Hélène Blanchard and Judith Savard


Mots de Jeux

by Sarah Migneron (Ottawa)

Life played to a song of words

THE CHILD WAKES UPThe child wakes up. All around him is silence. But not for long. Sounds of his body. Words he pronounces. Words of the grownups. Cries of animals. Sounds of vehicles. From the hour of awakening to bedtime, the child discovers his universe. At the center of this universe are words, speech, language, with their rhythms, their sonorities, their musicality, their poetry. Life as a poem. Words like toys. Word games, Game words.

For ages 2 to 5 years – Duration: 25 minutes
Performances in French only
From May 16 to 18, 2018

Directed by Pier Rodier │ With: Frédérique Thérien, Alexandre-David Gagnon, Sacha Dominique │ Stage design: Pier Rodier and Martine Pétriat │ Lighting: Paul Auclair │ Music: Pier Rodier │ Stage management: Kathy Raymond │ Production director: Josiane Lavoie



by LagunArte (Pays Basque, France)

A concert for little mouths! 

MOKOFINA IS A MOMENT OF PLEASUREplay, exploration, imitation, expression. Where the mouth becomes the funniest musical instrument, the most varied, the most precise, the most accessible… Close to the audience, the musician experiences the possible field of sound the mouth can create with and without accessories. It arouses a musical consciousness of his listeners, young and old.

For ages 9 months to 5 years – Duration: 30 minutes
Musical show
From May 17 to 20, 2018

Voice, percussions, mouvement: Kristof Hiriart │ Collaboration: Brigitte Lallier-Maisonneuve, Chris Martineau, Pantxia Telleria