TfT launches its 51st season!

TfT launches its 51st season!

Bigre, de Pierre Guillois

The 2018-2019 season draws on the words of artists from Toronto and around the world, a season of “Giving Voice” (Paroles manifestes) echoing the theme of “outbursts” (Éclats manifestes) from TfT’s 50th season. Audiences are invited to discover not only why key artists take position today, but also how. As such, each production is an exploration of “theatre as language”, and how messages, arguments and joy are uniquely expressed through theatre.  According to TfT’s Artistic Director: “Each play is an opportunity to discover the Other through their story and how they choose to tell it”.

The new season is as eclectic as TfT’s audience – and the Artistic Director’s aesthetic interests. Thus, works by well-known creators from Canada and abroad will be presented for several weeks alongside shorter runs for certain shows and events.


The season begins with La Seconde Surprise de l’amour (The Second Surprise of Love), a TfT production on stage October 17-28. This comedy by Marivaux will be directed by Joël Beddows, who continues his exploration of the classical repertoire (Dom Juan and The Liar) as a way to study the complexities of lying in contemporary social relations.

From May 1 to 4, 2019, the TfT presents Écoutez nos défaites (Listen to Our Defeats), a Franco-Canadian co-production adapted from a novel by Laurent Gaudé, winner of the prestigious Prix Goncourt in 2004, and staged by renowned French director Roland Auzet. This gripping spy story will thrill audiences as they witness a riveting confrontation between two secret agents.

TfT is also excited to collaborate with Canadian Stage to present two exceptional shows that have enjoyed resounding success in Europe. From April 11 to 21, 2019, we follow the misadventures of three neighbours in Bigre, Pierre Guillois’s wordless show, winner of the Molière Prize for Best Comedy in 2017. Tiago Rodrigues, the National Theatre of Lisbon Artistic Director, will close the season on May 29, 2019. His show Par Coeur (By Heart) invites 10 audience members to learn by heart a short text that could be shared with Tiago’s grandmother, who is rapidly losing her sight and the ability to read.


To attract a new generation of theatregoers, TfT will present four plays for young audiences for the first time in the same season. First up is the seventh edition of Les Zinspirés: l’âge de raison (Les Zinspirés: The Age of Reason), (November 30-December 5), a chance to hear gripping stories penned by teenage writers as directed by Chanda Gibson. On March 1st, 2019, other teenagers will share their reality on stage alongside professional actors in Impatience, a performance piece created by director Anne-Marie Ouellet. TfT then presents Estelle Savasta’s Traversée (Passage) on April 26th, 2019, the story of Nour, who travels to a distant land in search of her mother. This stunning show directed by Milena Busiak brings sign language to the stage: the hearing-impaired actor Hodan Youssouf expresses herself using LSQ (langage des signes québécois) throughout the performance. Finally, TfT and Alliance Française de Toronto (AFT) are teaming up to present Le Bibliothécaire (The Librarian), created by Marie-Hélène d’Amours and Hippolyte, a show for children and their allies presented on April 28, 2019 at the Spadina Theatre.


TfT is also touring shows outside Ontario. Avant l’archipel (Countries Shaped Like Stars) by Emily Pearlman (L’Irréductible Petit Peuple / Théâtre la Catapulte / TfT) will hit the road for a series of performances in New Brunswick and Montreal. Le Dire de Di (The Telling of Tel) by Michel Ouellette (Théâtre la Catapulte / TfT) will be performed at La Nouvelle Scène Gilles-Desjardins (Ottawa) and Théâtre Prospero (Montreal). Exercice de l’oubli (Exercises in Forgetting) by Emma Haché (Théâtre populaire d’Acadie / TfT) will premiere in January 2019 and tour throughout New Brunswick before stopping in Toronto in the fall of 2019.


TfT continues to collaborate with AFT. The two institutions will once again present Regards croisés (Converging Views), a film series that twins films with TfT’s 2018-2019 season shows. The TfT is also partnering with AFT’s summer camps, offering children an opportunity to learn French through the dramatic arts. Collaborations with AFT and Canadian Stage are part of an outreach strategy to enhance TfT’s visibility in the Greater Toronto Area.


TfT continues to fulfill its role as a project incubator, welcoming once again Alain Doom as playwright-in-residence. His text, Le Club des éphémères (The Ephemerals Club), will be the subject of a series of workshops. The company is also providing studio time to Lina Blais and Nathalie Nadon for the development of their project L’Affaires des Bacchantes (The Bacchante Affair) as well as to Chanda Gibson and Sophie Goulet, for a spatial exploration of Jean Genet’s The Maids. Finally, TfT and Beddows will be working with internationally known Toronto playwright Marie-Claire Marcotte on her project Flush.

At a time when Francophones from the four corners of the world are an ever increasing presence in the city, TfT remains a meeting place for audiences and artists from here and elsewhere. Because of our commitment to the democratization of art, we continue to offer English surtitles, Pay-what-you-can evenings on Thursdays, and school matinees.